Artists' Projects

Ursula Brookbank
Frank Chang
Robin Lasser/Adrienne Pao
Elleni Sclavenitis
Susan Simpson/Janet Sarbanes
Michiko Yao
Albert Ortega
Phil Ross
Norman Klein/Drew Denny
Nathan Ruyle
Carla Herrera-Prats/Nate Harrison
Deborah Aschheim/Lisa Mezzacappa
Nicolas Grenier
Pat O'Neill
Ken Ehrlich
An Indirect Intention
Kari Rae Seekins
Mendi + Keith Obadike

Laser Face billboard photo
"Laser Face" Digital Image by Phil Ross 2009

"At this point I do not want to be outside the structure of power, I do not want to be the opposition, the alternative. Alternative to what: To power? No. I want to have power. It's effective in terms of change. I want to be like a virus that belongs to the institution. All the ideological apparatuses are, in other words, replicating themselves; because that's the way the culture works. So if I function as a virus, an impostor, an infiltrator, I will always replicate myself together with those institutions."
—Félix González Torres