Project Description

Welcome to 'Home and Garden,''s 2008-09  web based curatorial initiative. 

During the winter of 2007 and the spring of 2008, sought out visual artists, sound artists and writers to respond to the words 'home' and 'garden' through research projects, essays, fiction, interviews, video, sound and interactive online strategies.

It was our intention that the artist's responses would collectively spark a personal dialogue around the current issues of global ecological crisis.  We also wanted the work to creatively engage the social conflicts between public and private space and the  personal tensions between physical and virtual spaces.

The artists chose a broad range of mediums and creative strategies to explore the formations and dissolutions of domesticity, the liminal space of territories, shifting national identities and 'poetic' geographies.

In addition to electronic media, artists utilized performance as a response to address molecular visualization, mapping,  the domestication of nature and our alienation from the natural world.

The 'Home and Garden' projects explore the spaces between online and offline, they transgress the boundaries of agency, they harvest new expressions through the use of informal media and they inhabit the uncharted zones between fact and fiction. continues to pursue its curatorial strategy of being a productive nexus  as our human experience becomes more mediated. 'Home and Garden'  is a result of that strategy, it is a  project that resides at the crossroads of art, research and science and within the poetic domicile of license and experimentation.