Radical Cosmologies


During 2011-12, Viralnet.net and guest artist and curator, Lea Rekow, will invite writers, artists, scientists, performers, and scholars to collaborate on the theme of Radical Cosmologies. Following past curatorial models of Viralnet.net projects, Radical Cosmologies will begin as an online research journal and virtual art space. The project will grow over time and eventually will migrate to a series of events and exhibitions at various physical venues.

Our project marks a significant creative departure from traditional and scientific notions of cosmology. We plan to explore a wide range of contemporary artist's perspectives and practices around the cultural, educational and creative possibilities of what a Radical Cosmology could look like.

We will incorporate various forms of media, written word, performances, and installations and will also include workshops, community-based actions, lectures, and interactive online projects. Our intention is to offer the viewer fresh interpretations of cultural narratives presented in the form of experimental and unique interdisciplinary inquiries . These creative inquiries will look at the universe and our place in it, and will emphasize the synthesis of alternative technologies and creative experimentation.

Viralnet.net's Radical Cosmologies project team is:

Tom Leeser curator/web producer
Lea Rekow guest artist and curator
Chris Bassett curator/web designer
Meghann McCrory curator/ associate web producer