Ken Ehrlich - Art, Architecture, Pedagogy: Experiments in Learning
Ehrlich and contributors consider pedagogy in the realm of contemporary art and artistic practices, particularly in Los Angeles, that incorporates, negotiates and develops out of a variety of educational models and situations. The book is structured around three themes: the architecture of art schools, experiments in pedagogy as artistic practice and theorization of the relationships between contemporary art and pedagogy.


Selected Essays and Interviews from “Radical Cosmologies,”’s web based curatorial initiative.
Writers, artists, scientists, performers, and scholars offer the viewer fresh interpretations of cultural narratives presented in the form of experimental and unique interdisciplinary inquiries. These creative inquiries look at the universe and our place in it, and emphasize the synthesis of alternative technologies and creative experimentation.


Selected Essays and Interviews from ‘Home and Garden,’’s web based curatorial initiative.
A selection of essays and interviews responding to the words 'home' and 'garden', exploring the spaces between online and offline, transgressing the boundaries of agency, harvesting new expressions through the use of informal media and inhabiting the uncharted zones between fact and fiction. Archives 2005–2007
Viral.Net commissioned work probing the nature of media and questioning our assumptions towards creativity, science, performance and play. It insisted on observing and causing art practices that spilled beyond the protected borders of privileged interests.


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