Nina Waisman

The future has always been here.

Physicists say the most basic events in nature are consequences of a larger, binding geometry which they call the “master amplituhedron”. This master structure, they explain, forms a kind of jewel—flattening time and space across its infinite number of facets, representing “the total amplitude of all physical processes” in its form. The future, past and present coincide—while lower-dimensional amplituhedra, corresponding to interactions between finite numbers of particles, live on the faces of the infinitely faceted master structure. Every facet of this jewel is in binding relationship to all the others.

A child parroting a tv character, a washing machine pounding along its spin cycle, bed springs shaking, gargling, street protests in Athens, Atlanta, Egypt, “it stays with me, this softness: International Lux Body Wash and Soap”, wind, bees, “i mean, it’s not like he actually needed your help, i mean, if he was on the floor, like dying, that's a different story”, a distant tv, alarms, a death rattle, gunfire.

Could attuning to geometry binding the facets of the jewel we all form help us avoid the present future exploding in our collective face?

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