Future Tense

Miwa Matrayek "Lumerance"

In 2013-14 was a contributing collaborator in the Alabama Contemporary Art Center’s “Futures Project”

Tom Leeser (Editor/Curator- curated “Future Tense”, a media installation featuring 22 works by emerging and established artists in the ACAC Video Gallery, a 6,000 square ft. raw industrial space with 30 ft. high ceilings. This unique space utilized a custom projection system that incorporates six projectors that enable floor to ceiling projection on three walls of the space.

Curated artists included Justin Asher, Amanda Beech, Jeremy Bailey, Jeff Cain, Larry Cuba, Nick Fox-Geig, Kerstin Larissa Hovland, Kadet Kuhne, Tom Leeser, Gregory Lenczycki, Ryan Trecartin, Kelly Sears, LoVid, Miwa Matreyek, NASA, Randall Packer, Claire Phillips, Bryne Rasmussen, Steve Roden, Stephanie Cheng Smith, the Post Reality Show and Youtube. Sound Artist Nina Waisman installed an entry piece for the Video Gallery.

During the course of the nine-month show, Tom Leeser created a programmatic residency, developed workshops and an on-line symposium examining the future of arts organizations. The results of this residency appeared on

photo credit: video- Miwa Matrayek "Lumerance"